Content Marketing

  • Blogs

A blog is an important part of any content marketing campaign as they increase inbound leads.

  • Copywriting

We write SEO friendly content for websites to give the site a boost into higher rankings.

  • Social Media

Content marketing for social media is essential. Creating useful content will encourage users to share.

Features & Benefits

Writing more, higher quality content will increase the authority, relevance, and trust of your site. If that content earns more backlinks, your website’s domain authority will increase even further. A higher domain authority correlates strongly with higher search rankings, so the more quality content you produce, the higher the SEO gain.

When people read your material, they’ll be building an impression of your brand. If they find what they read helpful, informative, or enlightening, they’ll think more highly of your brand. Furthermore, if they see your content published on external sources and showing up on their social news-feeds, they’ll perceive of you as a more trustworthy.

This all depends on the backlinks and guest posting that is going to happen. Usually when other blogs in your niche find something that you wrote that they think would bring value to their clientele, they would republish it and link your site. This link is beneficial as it helps your cause in getting higher SEO rankings. 

Content Marketing

What We Can Do for You

Learn about your business, problems customers might face and queries they might have.

Publish content to help users and bring them to your site to learn more about what they need.

Have these visitors contact your business and ask you to solve their problems.

Content Marketing

They were available to answer our questions, help us improve our SEO and give us meaningful feedback in terms we could understand. We highly recommend Vawda Marketing and really appreciate the professional attention paid to our site.
Yousuf Eidris
CEO, Fixify

Content Marketing

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