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If you landed on this page, you most likely searched “SEO Cape Town”. You found Vawda Marketing because we practice what we preach. We rank for some of the hardest keywords in this city: SEO Cape Town, Cape Town SEO, SEO Companies in Cape Town and SEO in Cape Town. At Vawda Marketing we launch and optimize your campaigns for you to rank page #1.

1. What Is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of getting a website to rank high in search engine result pages such as google, bing and yahoo. A successful strategy consists of maximizing organic traffic from search engines to a website by getting high volume of clicks and outranking your competition.

How Can SEO Bring In Revenue?

2. How Can SEO Bring In Revenue?

Ranking higher on Google means that you are funneling potential customers to your website. Once these users reach your website this leads to business growth by converting these users to customers.

3. Why Is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO Cape Town simply refers to the ‘map pack’ whenever you search for a service. These companies listed in the map pack are tailored to the searchers location. So you’ll only be shown to people who are looking for your services that are in your area.

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Getting a high ranking in search engine results means that you are getting high volume of traffic to your website. This can lead to business grow by converting the users coming to your website to leads and eventually to customers.

With our SEO Plans, we intend to rank on Page 1, this will funnel those searches to your site and convert them into customers.

In today’s digital world most of the people are using the internet for shopping. If you developed a website for your company or if you are planning so to develop one, then SEO can lead to a high conversion of customers through your business website and subsequently high ROI.

If you rank on the top of Google for a search query it means that Google trusts your site and recommends it to the person that is looking for a solution to their problem. To obtain this trust, it takes time. It takes a couple of months for Google to even consider your site for the first page. After around 6 months we should be able to gain authority, rank for keywords and have that top spot.

An SEO strategy plan is a blueprint for your Search Engine Optimisation activities including technical SEO that can be mapped out in seven definitive steps. It is a long term solution to drive pre-qualified traffic to your website, improve conversion rates and most importantly, boost your online revenue.

A website for any type company is required. By having a website and general online presence you can gain credibility, you can keep your audience informed and most importantly a website can tap into a large market, fast. Also, a website is a tool which can be accessed 24/7 without any workforce. Watch our video here

Surely, if you would like to have more visitors to your website then Search Engine Optimisation is an essential service to beat your competition in search engines and drive more visitors to your website. By implementing SEO for your website means that you can get high ranking in Search Engine Result Page and drive more customers.